Management Services

Skilled property management services are the difference between a community that is running smoothly, operating with a surplus, and experiencing a high level of efficiency and a community that is full of issues, operating at a deficit, and struggling to get anything done. Premier Community Association Management offers all of our HOA partners exceptional property management services designed to keep your community members happy every day of the year.

Initial Full Community Assessment

Our management services for HOAs begin with a full community assessment. This comprehensive evaluation is designed to measure where your community is at and identify areas needing improvement. We will prepare an HOA management proposal for your Executive Board’s approval and work with you to define and refine our agreement to meet your exact needs. As part of our initial full community assessment and property management proposal phase, we will also supply you with several references you can personally contact to hear about other experiences working with PCAM.

Robust Individual Websites

Premier Community Association Management is proud to offer all of our Associations robust individual websites to market their communities. We maintain and manage all websites including regular updates as needed. Your residents will benefit from advance knowledge of meeting dates, resolutions, and access to online form submission. Leave updating your Delaware HOA’s website with the latest meeting minutes and dates to us!

Automatic Debit for Assessments

Many Delaware HOAs still rely on their residents to pay assessments through mailing checks, which can lead to a lot of frustration and time wasted tracking down missing payments. PCAM will offer your HOA online automatic debit services so that residents can quickly and conveniently pay their assessments online. Monthly assessments will be automatically taken from the associated account in accordance with your payment requirements. No more late fees, tracking down checks, or handling upset residents with missing payments!

Maintenance Evaluation

The key to preventing the need for emergency services  is preventative maintenance. All of our communities receive maintenance evaluations and a detailed preventative maintenance plan every year. Preventative maintenance includes tasks both large and small that contribute to the health and well-being of all your property residents and the safety of your property.

Vendor Performance Oversight

We have years of experience securing, analyzing, and comparing bids for both small and large projects at properties. Premier Community Association Management takes care of vendor pre-qualification to ensure that they have the right license, insurance, and references for the job. Our staff will oversee vendor performance so that your rigorous standards will be met.

Vendor Contract Review

Beyond overseeing vendor performance once they are on-site, we also provide annual vendor contract reviews. These vendor contract reviews make sure that your HOA is getting the best deal and quality of work possible. The vendor contracts often include annual sprinkler system inspection, HVAC work, pest control, landscaping, snow removal, and all of the other vendors that help keep your community safe and in great condition.

Inspection Services

Our Delaware property management company will complete regular, routine inspections of your community. These comprehensive inspections are designed to confirm that vendors are properly performing and that the grounds, buildings, and surrounding roads are in good repair. Our inspection services also help to provide your Executive Board with the most up-to-date information on progress towards minor and major project completion.

Evaluation of Insurance and Investments

Our accounting staff provides financial management for HOAs  by opening, maintaining, and reconciling the operating, reserve, and investment accounts. In accordance with your community’s budget, we will take care of deposits and disbursements and work with your Executive Board every step of the way. We will regularly evaluate your insurance and investment needs to make sure that you are on the way to reaching your investment goals and achieving sustainability. In accordance with our vendor contract review, mentioned above, we will also obtain competitive quotes for insurance and properly report all accidents, injuries, or potential claims for property damage and/or bodily injury to both the insurance company and the Executive Board.

Meeting Coordination and Attendance

We are committed to building lasting relationships with every community that we work in, so we take meeting coordination and attendance very seriously. As part of our community property management services, we will attend all Executive Board, ARC/ARB, Finance Committee, and Owner meetings as needed. We will also take care of preparing agendas, notifying residents, and any other coordination needed, along with storing meeting materials and records.

Delaware HOA Management Services from Premier Community Association Management

Premier Community Association Management is the premier community management and pool management company of choice for single-family and condominium associations throughout Delaware. We are the whole package, and we are proud to provide comprehensive management services , pool services , financial services, and administrative services. Our expertise in Delaware law and community association management regulations helps us to live up to our name—Premier. If you are interested in partnering with PCAM for your Sussex County, Kent County or New Castle County community management needs, contact us today.

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