Pool Services

Quality pool management and pool maintenance services are critical to happy residents and a safe and healthy pool on your property. Our pool maintenance technicians work hands-on in all of our communities to tailor their services to your exact needs. Our pool management and maintenance services are all-encompassing and include swimming pool openings and closings, regular pool maintenance, and managing the records your pool requires.

Swimming Pool Openings & Closings

Seasonally opening and closing your community’s pool is a large undertaking. Working with Premier Community Association Management  will guarantee that the process is done quickly and properly, and that your pool is open and closed in accordance with your needs.

Pool Openings

At the start of the season we will:

  • Inspect the pool, plumbing, pool equipment, and premises for any safety concerns or damage that occurred during the off season.
  • Assemble and prepare pool equipment.
  • Start the pool filtration system.
  • Remove and store the pool cover on premises.
  • Check inventory and notify the Association of any repairs.
  • Adjust the water to the proper level.
  • Test and adjust the water chemistry.
  • Supply all routine chemicals needed to test, adjust, and maintain water quality standards and proper pH levels including liquid chlorine, granular chlorine, chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash, and testing reagents.
  • Perform additional specialty chemical administration to correct major water chemistry issues, at the Association’s expense.

Pool Closings

At the conclusion of the summer, we will perform all necessary closing and winterizing services, including:

  • Backwashing and draining the pool filter.
  • Draining all pumps, pool circulation piping, and pool equipment.
  • Draining and blowing out accessible water lines.
  • Removing, draining, and storing all hoses, equipment, and accessories on-site.
  • Adjusting water to proper levels.
  • Administering winterization chemicals to the pool water.
  • Installing pool cover(s).
  • Notifying the Association of any necessary additional maintenance needs, repair needs, or replacement needs.

Pool Maintenance

Premier Community Association Management provides comprehensive pool maintenance services including:

  • Opening the pool daily based on the specified pool hours
  • Vacuuming and brushing the pool
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets as needed
  • Cleaning waterline tile
  • Maintaining the backwash filtration system
  • Adjusting and maintaining water level
  • Inspecting filtration elements to ensure proper operation
  • Arranging pool furniture
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Notifying the Association and Executive Board of any extra maintenance or repairs necessary

Water Chemistry

Pool maintenance also includes monitoring and maintaining proper water chemistry. Every day, our professionals will test and adjust the water chemistry of your pool so that it is aligned with the strictest safety and cleanliness standards. Our pool professionals will maintain the logs required by the Delaware State Health Department to demonstrate daily water chemistry tests. We will also supply all routine maintenance chemicals used to test, maintain, and adjust your chlorine and pH levels at your expense.

Quality Pool Management for Your Delaware Property

Premier Community Association Management has been transforming the property management experience for Delaware communities for over two decades with knowledgeable and skilled service. We are the premier community management and pool management company of choice for single-family and condominium associations throughout Delaware. PCAM is the whole package, and we provide comprehensive management services, pool services financial services, and administrative services. If you are interested in partnering with PCAM for your Sussex County, Kent County, New Castle County, or Rehoboth Beach community management needs, contact us today.

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